Valentina Coat

When the Valentina pattern was release from Violette Field Threads I immediately fell in love with its design!

There’s just something about it…it’s just beautiful. This pattern has both a short and long skirt version.  I am making the long skirt.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t found the time to make it until this year when my daughter found this faux fur fabric from Hobby Lobby and begged me to make her a coat out of it.

We’re at the beginning of our winter here in Nebraska and it gets COLD!

I really wanted this to last her for this winter at least. Comparing her measurements to the patterns, she was right on for the size 10 in the chest, but slightly out of the sizing for the waist. She’s also 12 years old so I needed to adjust the length a little too.

Since I want it to be heavier, I also added a layer of fleece in the middle which meant I needed to size up all over.

*Shortly after finishing this coat Violette Field Threads did release this pattern in tween sizes which I immediately purchased. I can’t wait to make it again. I’m thinking I might try the short skirt version for a nice spring jacket.

I decided to add 3/8” to the chest and 1/2″ to the waist. I just drew a line out from under the arm and the waistline for these amounts. I also lengthened the bodice about 1 1/2″.

On the skirt, I increased the sides by 1/2″ only on the side seams.

The collar stayed the same, but I did lengthen the sleeves 1/2″.

I cut out all exterior and facing pieces from the faux fur. I cut out all lining pieces from the lining fabric.

I also cut out another set of lining pieces from some white fleece, which I realized once I was assembling everything, that I should have either cut the fleece from the exterior or the lining and facing pieces. Oops! I just cut more fleece out of the facing pieces as I went along and it all worked out. 

I love the fact that Violette Field Threads patterns are really fairly easy to put together, but look so elegant.

Their instructions are great, and if you feel you need additional help, there’s a Facebook group where you can post questions and get help from others.

Didn’t it turn out pretty?  My daughter absolutely loves it!  She wears it to school every day!

Valentina coat pattern

Make your own winter coat

DIY tween winter coat

Valentina coat pattern

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DIY girls winter coat

Perfect tween coat pattern

Ready for a little variation?

This year, I had a specific pattern in mind for my daughter’s Christmas dress, but it was sleeveless. I had a bolero pattern that I absolutely loved, but my daughter outgrew it.

So, I’m going through my patterns to see which one I could modify to get the same look of my previous pattern and decided Valentina would do nicely.

They recently released their tween version which is what I used to make the bolero jacket.  I only needed three of the pattern pieces to make it work. The front bodice, back bodice, and sleeve.

I did make a slight adjustment. I made it size 10 in the bust and angled to a 12 in the waist.  I also lengthened the sleeves to a size 14, but in the end could have gotten away with a size 12.

The back bodice and sleeve stayed the same. For the front bodice, I laid the back bodice over the front and marked where the back bodice stops. Since the front overlaps itself, this gave me a good idea of where the middle is.

Then, I really just drew a curved line from the bottom to the top. That’s it!

I cut the pieces out of the main fabric and lining. Sew back bodice to front bodice at shoulders.

Sew sleeves on.

Now, sew from the bottom of the bodice all the way down the sleeves.  Leave 3-4″ opening on one of the lining sleeves to pull the jacket through when finished.

Lay the exterior and lining right sides together and sew around the entire outside.

Fold the lining sleeves over towards the wrong side a couple of inches and then slide that inside the exterior sleeve. Pin in place and sew.

Pull the entire jacket out through the sleeve opening.
Iron flat.

Sew the sleeve lining shut.

There you have it! A cute little bolero jacket to wear over your dress!

Have you made a coat before?  What did you think of the process?  Drop a comment below.  I hope you love this coat as much as I do!

Like the dress?  See my post about my daughter’s Christmas dress here.

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