Sydney Crossbody Bag

Have you ever had an idea of what you wanted your purse to be like?

What features you’d like it to have?

I’ve tried several patterns and one thing I come across a lot is that they never seem to have enough pockets!

I LOVE pockets.

I like being able to stash necessities in each one and keep things organized.

My favorite bag pattern designer is by far Swoon Patterns. The instructions are amazing, and she’s got a Facebook group full of wonderful people willing to help out with any issue you might have. Because of this, I’m not really going to give you a “how to” for the Sydney Crossbody Bag.

Let’s start with the pockets.

It has two front cargo pockets and a front zip pocket. The back has a large pocket, or if you’re like me, I stitched down the middle to create two separate pockets. And another pocket inside. That’s six pockets!

Plus, it’s very roomy.

It measures at 13” wide, 11” tall and 3” deep. That means I can carry my laptop in it and still have plenty of space. My daughter uses it as her school bag and it fits all her folders nicely.

I’m not all that great at installing zippers. I’ll do them if I have to, but have a lot of room for improvement. This bag, to me, has by far the easiest to install zipper! Seriously, I’ve never had a wavy or lopsided zipper.

Last, but certainly not least…it’s just a cute design!

I’m always on the lookout for cute bag patterns and right when I saw this, I knew I’d be making me one right away. I’ve actually made two for myself, one for my daughter, one for her friend, and now this one for my son’s teacher for Christmas.

There are a few modifications I made on this most recent one, simply because I didn’t have the right hardware on hand and like to use what I have before ordering more.

The pattern calls for 1 1/2″ swivel clips and strap slide, and I only have 1”. This just means that instead of cutting the strap 6” wide, I cut it 4.” I also cut the strap connector slightly smaller because my D rings were 3/4″.

I like to lay out all my pieces together so I make sure I have everything.  It makes putting the bag together easier too.

The pattern has a few additional pieces listed in the pdf and not printed. 

I like to write these pieces on one of the main pattern pieces so I don’t accidentally forget to cut them out.  If they’re right in front of me, I can keep better track of them.

Sydney has cargo pockets in the front which means a little extra work in the beginning.  I like to mark my lines with a disappearing ink marker. This Dritz one is my favorite.

When marking where the snaps go, I poke a hole in the pattern piece, then lay it back over the fabric and use the marker through the hole I made.

Then, I lay the backing for the snap over the mark, centering the circle.  I mark the two little side slots.  Remove the backing piece and use a seam ripper or small scissors to cut a tiny slit in the fabric.

Push the snaps through the holes you created and place the snap backs over the backside.  Push prongs to the outsides.

I also use the disappearing marker to transfer the lines for the cargo pockets.

Isn’t that front so pretty!

Really, once the front is complete, the rest goes together fairly quickly.

Crossbody bag

Make your own crossbody bag

Make your own bag with Swoon patterns Sydney crossbody pattern

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Sydney crossbody bag

Make your own crossbody bag

Sydney crossbody bag pattern
The wallet is the Pearl pattern also by Swoon

Do you have a favorite bag pattern? I’d love to hear what makes it awesome!

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