How to Make Fairy Wings

This year for Halloween my daughter wanted wings to go with her costume.

I had made cellophane wings once before for a fairy costume and really loved the way they turned out, so I thought I’d follow the same process for these.

Last time, I started by drawing the wings on my banner paper, but since this is for her costume that she designed herself, I had her draw the specific shape she wanted on copy paper and I freehand drew the same design larger onto the banner paper.

I got this wire from Menards and bent it to the shape of the wings taping the ends together with a little duct tape.

Shape the wire to your drawn shape, taping as you go.

Wrap a couple of wires around where you want to join the two wings.

Duct tape around the messy wires. It doesn’t matter too much what this looks like since we’ll be covering it up later on.

Now I shape the wire to the inner lines.

If I were doing swirls like a butterfly or fairy instead of this solid shape like this, I’d use a slightly smaller wire for the interior.

You’ll need to make two of these.

Gently pull all the tape off.

Lay the cellophane down and spray lightly with adhesive.

Set your wires onto the cellophane and layer another piece of cellophane over the top.

I tape the bottom layer of cellophane down to the table to keep it from moving. You’ll have to hold on the wires and reform them to your shape. It’s not easy and you’ll probably have a few choice words trying to get them to lay just right, but I’ve been able to get pretty close to my original shape every time.

Place somewhere where you’ll be able to flatten them down.

I like my floor. Now set something heavy on top of it and leave it for a few hours.

Repeat for the second wing.

Trim around the outside of the wings.

Once it’s trimmed, you’ll need to iron it. I keep my iron on a low temperature and use a sheet of paper on top of the cellophane to prevent it from melting.

Take a lighter and lightly go around the outside to seal the edges.

I like to use clear elastic for the straps. Holding the wings up to my daughter, I measure how long I need the elastic to be.

Cut two pieces of elastic and sew the ends. The ends are hidden, so you can totally tie knots if you don’t want to sew.

Slide the elastic onto the wires coming from the sides of the wings.

Twist the two wires from each wing together, and duck tape to secure.

I like the keep this middle area pretty firm so the wings don’t end up flapping around. Take some cardboard and cut two pieces to this center size. Glue to the front and back holding the elastic to the sides.

Cover in fabric or felt.

Flip over and make sure the fabric on the sides of the front is secure.

You can leave it plain like this or embellish it.

When I made the fairy costume, I took different textured ribbons and rolled them to form a sort of rose shape, gluing as I went along. Then added pearl or gemstone beads to the centers.

See the post on how I made the fairy dress here.

My daughter was very insistent that the wings for this year’s costume remain plain.

Since my fabric looked a little wonky, I decided to add some gathered fabric to the back. I took a piece of fabric as wide and about double the length of my center piece and gathered along the sides.

Glue along the top edge and place fabric there.

Repeat for the bottom.

Adjust the gathers. Once you have them how you want them, glue to the sides.

That looks so much nicer!

What do you think of these wings?  Have you tried to make cellophane wings before?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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