How to Make a Feathered Skirt

Girl wearing purple feathered skirt

I’ve always thought a feathered skirt would look so cute!  

There’s honestly not a lot of difficulty if you decide to use feather boas on your skirt.  I used a circle skirt for maximum twirl and so I wouldn’t have to try to gather the skirt with all these feather boas attached.

I went ahead and sewed up the entire dress first.  This way, I could get the feather boas right at the waistline and not have to worry about catching them in the seam when attaching the skirt to the bodice.

I used these feather boas from Hobby Lobby.  While they worked great, they did shed and turned my fingers a nice shade of purple.  I’m not sure if purchasing somewhere else would get you better quality so you wouldn’t have these issues.

Now lay your feather boa along the bottom edge of the skirt and lay another layer above it to see how close they need to be.  I ended up placing mine 3″ apart.  Once I was finished, I did notice a few bare spots here and there, so if I were to make another one, I would place the feather boas closer to 2.5″ together.

Draw a line about 1/2″ from the bottom edge of the skirt.  I like to use Crayola washable markers.  They are extremely visible and wash out easily.  Although this dress isn’t really washable with all the feathers attached. 😉

Continue drawing lines 3″ up from the previous line all the way to the top of the skirt.  

Starting at the bottom, lay your first feather boa along the line at the bottom of the skirt.

You’ll feel a cord in the center of the boa.  Sew a tack stitch over this cord, going back and forth to attach it.

Move over a few inches and tack down again.  Just keep sliding the skirt and the feather boa over a little at a time and tack stitching.

When you get to the end of the first line, cut your boa and start again on the next line up.  

I mentioned earlier that I should have had my lines slightly closer together.  When I finished adding all the feather boas, I did notice a few bare spots.  I just cut a small section of another boa off and filled in those areas.

All together I used 12 feather boas on this skirt!

That’s really it!  The hardest part was maneuvering the giant feather skirt while trying to stitch down the sections of feathers.

Girl wearing purple feathered skirt

Girl in feathered skirt dress

Girl wearing purple feather skirt

Girl wearing purple feathered skirt

What do you think?  Would you ever create or wear a feathered skirt?

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