How to Add a Quilt Design to an Outfit

If it hasn’t become obvious by now, I love adding quilting designs to my clothing!

I think it gives it just enough uniqueness while keeping the silhouette simple.  This outfit is one I had made a couple of years ago, so once again I don’t have as many progress pictures as I’d like, but I’ll do my best to explain my process.

I have this awesome fashion sketchbook that I like to draw designs in.  I had this idea for a peplum top with an asymmetrical line across the front with one side quilted and the other side regular fabric.

I also wanted to pair it with a pair of skinny pants with a tuxedo stripe down the side.

Starting with the top, I used Lily Bird Studio’s Amanda dress as a base.  Instead of the full skirt though, I shortened it to peplum length.

To determine my quilting design, I took the front bodice piece and traced it so I had a full front bodice instead of a “cut on fold” piece.

Without cutting it out, I drew a line from one shoulder to the opposite side waist creating a diagonal line.  Measure this piece and you’ll know how big to make your quilting design.

I didn’t really know what I wanted for the design at this point.

I had been working with half square triangles quite a bit and really thought that would work.  After a little playing around, I decided that the half square triangle was just too big for such a small section of the bodice.  I kept cutting it down until I ended up with quarter square triangles that were 2″ blocks.

Sew these little blocks together until you have enough to cover your pattern piece.

Now, lay your backing fabric wrong side up and your quilt piece right side up on top and quilt together.  I chose to do a wavy line through each line of blocks.

Lay your pattern piece over the top and cut it out.  Notice that the neckline isn’t being cut out yet.

Cut out your opposite front bodice piece out of “plain” fabric and sew to your quilted piece. Be sure to add your seam allowance back in before cutting out each half.

Now cut out your neckline.

Finish assembling the bodice as you normally would.

I chose to finish the sleeves and peplum with double fold bias tape in the same fabric as the pants.

I used Violette Field Threads Sloane skinny pants for the bottoms.  These were perfect because they actually call for 2″ strip for the tuxedo stripe.

I simply sewed several of my quarter square triangle blocks together end to end until I had the right length for the pants.

I added my backing fabric to the quilt strip and quilted one wavy line down the middle.  Then sewed the pants up according to the directions.

Although creating the quarter square triangle blocks did take some time, incorporating it into the outfit was pretty easy.

Girl leaning against railing

Girl standing in front of heart sculpture

Girl sitting on ledge

Girl leaning against railing

What do you think of using quilt designs in clothing?  Have you tried it before?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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