Gwen Dress

Girl in dress standing in front of a fence

Sometimes a simple dress is just what you need.  I bought this pattern a while and just hadn’t gotten around to making it.  I’m really kicking myself for that now.

It’s so pretty in its simplicity.

Gwen from Violette Field Threads is gorgeous and comes with so many options!

The bodice has either straight or sweetheart option.  It can be made in top, knee or midi length.  The buttons down the front can be functioning or just sew the two layers together.  The elastic back gives you just enough ease to take on or off without having to mess with the buttons. The straps can either be fixed or tied in the back.

It also comes in children’s, tweens and doll sizes. 

I chose to make the straight bodice, knee length, and non-functioning buttons.

One thing I love about VFT patterns is that they give you both the body measurements and finished measurements.  That way, if you like a little more ease or a more fitted garment you can adjust your size accordingly.

My daughter fits exactly into this children’s size 9/10, but she is almost 13 years old.  I apparently wasn’t thinking when cutting out pattern pieces otherwise I would have realized that I needed to make the skirt piece longer to account for the age/size difference.  I don’t feel that it’s too short at this length at all, but it definitely isn’t down to her knees.

The instructions are easy to understand and have step by step pictures to go along with.  There’s also a Facebook group you can join with so many helpful members if you happen to get stuck somewhere along the way.

The fit is absolutely perfect.

I can see myself reaching for this pattern again and again.

Girl in dress standing in front of a fence

Girl wearing sundress standing on a bridge

Girl in dress standing next to fence

Girl wearing dress standing in front of a fence

Girl wearing dress standing on a bridge

Girl in dress standing on a bridge

What do you think of the Gwen dress?  Do you have a favorite sundress pattern?

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