About Me

Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m a wife, mother and seamstress. In seventh grade I took a home ec class where I learned to sew some basic stitches and was hooked from that point on! I begged my mom for a sewing machine that Christmas and began experimenting by making doll clothes. I progressed from there and made many of my own clothes. Then life got in the way and I hadn’t sewn much besides the occasional button  for several years.  Fast forward to when my daughter was born and I realized just how much I missed sewing.  After a few blankets and dresses,  I realized I wanted to refine my technique, so I started buying patterns in order to learn the “right” way of doing things. I think I will always love experimenting with just making things my way, but now I’m armed with better knowledge about technique and procedure. I don’t ever want to stop learning when it comes to sewing. There’s just so much to discover!

Now, my preference is for over the top costumes and dresses, but sewing clothing staples will always have a special place. I’ve recently started my journey into quilting.  That really is so different from clothing construction.  It’s so much fun to learn all the do’s and don’ts with quilting.

I’m so excited to share my sewing journey with you.